2016 – Present. PhD Candidate, Cinema and Media Studies, York University, Toronto

MDes, Strategic Foresight and Innovation, OCAD University, Toronto

MFA, Le Fresnoy, Studio National Des Arts Contemporains, Tourcoing, France

BFA,  New Media Studies, Ryerson University, Toronto  


2020   Lift Off Tokyo Film Festival, Tokyo Japan, Screening

2019   La Guarimba International Film Festival,  Italy,  Screening

2018  Interaccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, Public Projection

2012    Palais De Tokyo, Nuit Blanche exhibition, Screening

2011    Indie Lisboa, Lisbon Independent Film Festival, Portugal, Screening

2010    Musee d’art Modern de Villeneuve D’Ascq, France. Exhibition with Pierrick Sorin, William Wegman, Paul McCarthy and Marnie Weber

2009   Grand Palais Museum, Paris, France, Installation

2009   FUSO, Anual de Video Arte Internacional de Lisboa, Screening

2009   Maison des Métallos, Paris France, 2009, Installation

2009   “Videos Europa”, Le Fresnoy Studio National Des Arts Contemporains, Installation

2008   Grand Palais, Paris France,Installation

2008    Loop Gallery, Barcelona, Installation

2007   Palais de Beaux Arts de Lille “Territories d’image”, France, Installation

2007   Aeorspace Museum, Canadian Space Society, 50th Anniversary of     Sputnik, Screening

2007   Locust Projects, “Get Lost” Exhibition Program, Miami USA, Screening

2006   Masion Du Geste et de l’image Paris, Screening

2005   Arte, France, Broadcast of short film

2005    Le Cube, Paris France, Screening

2005    Le Cadre du dipositive EROA, Lille France, Installation

2004    Curzon Cinema, London, Screening 

2004    Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Screening

2004    Year 01, YYZ Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Installation

2004     Artronica Festival, International Electronic Arts Salon, Bogota Colombia, Screening

2004    Miami Lights Gallery, Miami USA, Installation

2004    Traverse Video Festival, Toulouse, Screening

2003    Mediaschool Festival, Lodz, Poland

2003     Le Fresnoy Studio National Des Arts Contemporains, Lille

2003     Culturel Du Mans, France

2002    Passage De Retz, Paris France

2002     Public Gallery, Paris France

2002     Panorama, Le Fresnoy Studio National Des Arts Contemporains, Installationn

2002     .wav Festival, Brugge Belgium, Commission for the Cultural Capital of Europe, Sound Installation

2002     Nadine Arts Centre, Brussels, Belgium, Performance

2002     C’est Pas Cinema Exhibition, Le Fresnoy, Studio National des Arts Contemporains, Lille, Installation

2000    Momentum Festival, Bergen Electronic Centre Moss Norway and WAAG, Society for Old & New media, Performance

2000   Videoarchoeology International Art form for video and New Media, Sofia Bulgaria, Screening 

1999  Tactile video exhibition Interaccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, Toronto, Ontario Canada, Installation


2016      “Ideational Drawing as Foresight Method in Designing Future States of Objects”, ISEA Hong Kong

2014     “The future of the domestic object 2025”, ISEA Dubai, Published Paper

2000     Digitized Bodies Virtual Spectacles, C3 Centre for Culture and Communication, Budapest. Ludwig Museum, Budapest Museum of Contemporary Art. Award from the Daniel Langois Foundation.


2019      College Art Association, New York, Design Colloquium Panel, Presenter

2018      AMPS, Architecture Media Politics and Society, Moving Images – Static Spaces: Architectures, Art, Media, Film, Digital Art and Design, Istanbul Turkey, paper presented

2018       Technologies and Improvisation: Tools and theories for uncertain futures symposium, University of Gothenberg, Sweden, paper presented

2017     Canada Council for the Arts, Arts in a Digital World Summit , Montreal, Presentation

2016       NSI, Western Producers Workshop, Winnipeg

2016     VRTO, Distribution for Virtual Reality, Moderator

2016     ISEA Hong Kong. Presentation of Paper “Ideational Drawing as Foresight Method in Designing Future States of Objects”, paper presented

2014      ISEA Dubai, Presentation of Paper “The Future of the Domestic Object 2025”, paper presented

2013      xDesign Conference, Harvard. Participant in xDesign “Future of Education” 

2012     “In Play” Conference, Interactive Ontario, Conference focused on children’s interactive entertainment

2008     11th Annual Canadian Arts Summit, Banff, Panelist 

2008     FITC, Toronto, Featured speaker

2008     FASO, Toronto, Featured speaker

2007     Mobile Nations Conference, OCAD Toronto, Respondent

2006     Converging Minds, Tools for Innovative Solutions Conference, Vancouver, BC Netera Alliance, BC Net, Event for Higher Education and Research. Panel discussion on “Rich Media over the Net”,

2005     Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Seville, Spain. Seminar on the ten year history of the Banff New Media Institute in relation to education and technology.  Three day program includes seminars from FACT (London), MIT (Boston), IRCAM (Paris), Presenter

2005      Interactive Screen, Money and Law, The Banff Centre, Banff Alberta.  Innovation and Collaboration Panel.  Presenter


2009   Art Press; Review of interactive installation. Best of Le Fresnoy Retrospective Issue

2009   Laboratory “Les Formes de l’interactivite”, Haute ecole d’arts et design,  Hardcover book with DVD Set; Geneva Switzerland, Works cited

2008   Dans la nuit; les images; Exhibition catalogue; Grand Palais Paris

2007   Digital Performance, Writing by Steve Dixon, Publisher MIT Press; Works cited

2006   Eyebeam Reblog, Works cited

2004, Network Performance, Works Cited

2004, Network Performance, Works cited

2004 Melt Project, Works cited

2004   Glow, Geostash Project, Works cited

2003   Panarama 4, Exhibition Catalogue, France , Writing by Anne Tronche, Le Fresnoy, Studio National Des Arts Contemporains

2002   Premiere Vu, Exhibition Catalogue, France. Writing by Michel Nuridsany, Figero Newspaper

2002   Panarama 3, Exhibition Catgalogue, France. Writing by Christophe Khim, Art Press Magazine

2002   Figaro Newspaper, Review Premiere Vu Exhibition

2002   Liberation Magazine, Review Premiere Vu Exhibition

2002   Liberation Magazine, Review Public Gallery

2002   Beaux Arts Magazine, Review Panorama Exhibition

2002   Figaro Newspaper, Review Panorama Exhibition

2002   Telerama, Review Panorama Exhibition

2002   Horizon Zero, Synthetic Sensualism, The Banff Centre, Works Cited

2001    Digital Performance Archive, The Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom, Works Cited


2004   Studio XX, Montreal, Quebec

2003   Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Alberta

2003   University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia

2002   Public Contemporary Art Gallery, Paris

2001   Steim, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


2017   Arts in a Digital World Summit, Canada Council for the Arts

2016   National Screen Institute (NSI), Cross Platform Media Incubator, Winnipeg

2014     ISEA Dubai, The Future of the Domestic Object 2025

2002     Public Gallery, Paris France


2001  Digital Performance Archive, The Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom


2016-2020 York Graduate Fellowships

2019    Canada Council For the Arts, residency grant (recommended, insufficient funds)

2016    Canada council Production Grant (recommended, insufficient funds)

2008    Canada Council for the Arts, Travel Grant

2005    Alberta Arts Foundation Production Grant

2002    Production Scholarship, Le Fresnoy Studio National Des Arts Contemporains

2001    Production Scholarship, Le Fresnoy Studio National Des Arts Contemporains

2000    ColourGenics Awards

2000    Creative Source Award

2000    Ilford Production Grant

2000    AGFA Production grant

2000    Daniel Langois Foundation Award

1999    Trinity Square Video Award

1999    Irving A. Posluns Award