Take Me Somewhere New

In this Augmented reality animation work, the user is immersed in a 360 animation speculative fiction narrative. Users can pan to view the narrative on an mobile or tablet device to view emerging characters, creatures, crystals and objects embedded and active in their environment.

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In this VR work, the user is given a companion to accompany them on an interactive experience. Users are given the opportunity to go through a landscape.

The VR experience creates small tasks for the user such as navigating through walled hallways in the landscape provided a guiding way to move through the environment.  Users were able to go through the environment and witness events such as rooms of golden horses.

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This VR work explores task and non-task based interaction explored in a landscape.

In this VR work, the user is dropped into a maze, and they are initially blocked with a box in their path. In order to move forward, they are required to use their tool, in this case a gun like apparatus that is shooting hammers. With this trigger they are able to push through and move through the maze using projectile hammers to move through progressive obstacles to a final staircase. Once outside the maze the tool is no longer needed and users are free to walk roam the barren landscape. Users can continue to exert work buy shooting various objects in the landscape, however it has no purpose or effect.  Users could choose to walk around the landscape with no purpose, or choose to return and enter a staircase and move back into the maze and work through the landscape with their tool functioning again.

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The Night Walker, 2017

The “Night Walker” is a looped Virtual Reality (VR) work that takes audiences on a tour of a glass landscape.  Moving through the landscape users move between two fields of glass and explore a guided tour lit by the moon.  It examines a cinematic rail experience where viewers are on a guided VR tour, with an ultimate immersive event within the VR landscape.

This project is developed for the HTC VIVE.

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Ville Blanche, 2003
DVD Animation Produced by Le Fresnoy, Studio National Des Arts Contemporains

Ville Blanche, explores language and its ability to transform an environment.  The scene takes place in front of the cityscape of Belgrade, a city that has been rebuilt 38 times in its history. A woman invites the viewer to speak, constructing a the gallery into a listening space. Waiting she starts to speak of the meaning of the name Belgrade (white city) and compares it to a puzzle she created. As she speaks, snow begins to fall on her and the city, building and piling until the screen goes to white.

Additional Articles:

Panorama Catalogue, Article by Anne Tronche, “Half Flesh, Half Artifice” 2002

Additional Presentations:

Palais De Tokyo, Paris, Nuit Blanche Exhibit, 2012

ARTE Video Night, une nuit de l’art vidéo sur ARTE, France October 24, 2009

FUSO, Anual de Video Arte Internacional de Lisboa , July 2009

Maison des Métallos, Paris France; May 2009

“Videos Europa”; Le Fresnoy Studio National Des Arts Contemporains; March 13 – May 3, 2009

Grand Palais, Paris, France; December 2008

LOOP, Barcelona Spain; May 2008

Palais de Beaux Arts de Lille “Territories d’image”, Paris France; October 2007

Locust Projects, “Get Lost” Exhibition, Miami USA; December 2007

Masion Du Geste et de l’image Paris France, April 2006

Arte Television, France, Broadcast July 2005

Le Cube, Paris France , May 2005

Le Cadre du dipositive EROA, Lille France, May 2005

Curzon Cinema, London England, November 2004

Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland, October 2004

Artronica Festival, International Electronic Arts Salon, Bogota Colombia, September 2004

Miami Lights Gallery, Miami USA. March 2004

Traverse Video Festival, Toulouse France, February 2004

Mediaschool Festival, Lodz, Poland, October 2003 , Short-listed for best short film

Le Fresnoy Studio National Des Arts Contemporains, Lille France, June 2003. Premiere



“Nape” Dual sided interactive installation, 2002

Le Fresnoy, Studio National Des Arts Contemporains

In “Nape” the viewer is confronted with a cross section of the throat of a female giant. The viewer sees a twisted neck, a pale completion, and pink lips that speaks with white breath. Her breath explains that she is cold, and that the space is cold. As viewer passes behind the screen, the air on the nape of her neck are amplified, gently swaying the figure’s hair and moves in relation to where the viewer is in the space. As more viewers gather the movement of the hair blows between the viewers creating a relationship between viewers in the space and to the body of the mythic figure.

This project is developed in Soft VNS/MAX MSP

Video documentation

Additional articles 

Art Press, Best of Le Fresnoy Special issue, 2008, Article by Emile Soulier

Figaro Newspaper 2002, Article by Michel Nuridsany

Beaux Arts Magazine, 2002


Centre Culturel Du Mans, France, January 2003
Le Fresnoy, Studio National Des Arts Contemporains, June 2002; Premiere



Melt, 2002, in collaboration with Nicholas Stedman
Telematic Interactive Installation, “C’est Pas Cinema” exhibition

Le Fresnoy, Studio National Des Arts Contemporains, Tourcoing France/ The Banff Center, Banff Alberta

Melt transforms the gesture of touch to heat that can felt half way around the world. A table with embedded sensors registers the touch of the gallery visitors in France, simultaneously it is transferred and translated through the Internet and activates heat sensors embedded in a block of ice in Canada. The ice traces the presence of the visitors through melting and refreezing. The image of the ice melting can be seen with a live web stream projected in the space in France so the visitor can see their impact.

Video documentation

Articles and Reviews:

Turbulance Blog

Laboratory ‘Les Formes de l’interactivité’, Haute école d’arts et design, Geneva, Swiss by Jean-Louis Boissier and Daniel Pinkas



“Weep” Public Sound Installation Commission
Location: Brugge Cultural Center,  2002
.wav festival Brugge, Cultural Capital of Europe 2002

At the base of the weeping willow situated by the canal, tables fill the coffee shop terrace of the cultural center, over looking a growing line up of tourists waiting by the dock for their boat cruise tour of Brugge.
Using the two wood tables next to the tree as speakers, a couple is heard discussing a story of the weeping willow.
The couple comment on the extent to which she cries, how lonely she is and how tourists gaze at her just to pass and simply float on her tears for a better view of other things. They discuss how her out reached arms touch the water, as the tourists sit huddled together in the line up and in boats, and how in summer she goes green with envy.
The extent of the conversation from tactile table is about 5 to 10 minutes and plays every hour.



Threaded White, 1999
Interactive Video Installation

As viewers first enter the gallery, they notice a blank white projection. On a closer inspection of the projection, a knife appears and slowly begins to dissect the screen from behind. The closer the viewer goes to the screen, the deeper and higher the cut. As the viewer leaves the gallery, the screen begins to stitch itself up, reconstructing the hole made by the viewer. If the viewer sees this, and returns to the screen, the seam begins to unravel.
If the viewer does not act, there is no image and the screen will disappear back to white. This project is developed using Soft VNS /MAX MSP.

Video Documentation


Passage De Retz, Paris France, September 2002 (Catalogue Available), Article by Michel Nuridsany

Horizon Zero: Invent issue; Synthetic Sensualism

First Presented: Tactile Video Exhibition, in Collaboration with workshop with David Rokeby and Images Festival. InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, June 1999