Threaded White

Threaded White, 1999
Interactive Video Installation

As viewers first enter the gallery, they notice a blank white projection. On a closer inspection of the projection, a knife appears and slowly begins to dissect the screen from behind. The closer the viewer goes to the screen, the deeper and higher the cut. As the viewer leaves the gallery, the screen begins to stitch itself up, reconstructing the hole made by the viewer. If the viewer sees this, and returns to the screen, the seam begins to unravel.
If the viewer does not act, there is no image and the screen will disappear back to white. This project is developed using Soft VNS /MAX MSP.


Passage De Retz, Paris France, September 2002 (Catalogue Available), Article by Michel Nuridsany

Exhibited: 2002    Passage De Retz, Paris France

Horizon Zero: Invent issue; Synthetic Sensualism

First Presented: Tactile Video Exhibition, in Collaboration with workshop with David Rokeby and Images Festival. InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, June 1999