Interactive VR experience, 2017

This VR work explores task and non-task based interaction explored in a landscape.

In this VR work, the user is dropped into a maze, and they are initially blocked with a box in their path. In order to move forward, they are required to use their tool, in this case a gun like apparatus that is shooting hammers. With this trigger they are able to push through and move through the maze using projectile hammers to move through progressive obstacles to a final staircase. Once outside the maze the tool is no longer needed and users are free to walk roam the barren landscape. Users can continue to exert work buy shooting various objects in the landscape, however it has no purpose or effect. Users could choose to walk around the landscape with no purpose, or choose to return and enter a staircase and move back into the maze and work through the landscape with their tool functioning again.

Creative research presented in CAA, New York