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Slavica Ceperkovic

is currently a visiting professor at NYU Interactive Arts, Abu Dhabi Campus
email: slavica @ gmail . com

Slavica Ceperkovic is an artist who creates unique, user‑focused interactive digital experiences across multiple platforms. Her research interests in interactive screens include volumetric video in XR, speculative futures, photogrammetry and telexistence spaces. Her contemporary art works have shown in museums including Palais de Tokyo, Grand Palais Museum and Le Fresnoy, Studio National des Arts Contemporains. Slavica has presented and published research papers at ISEA. Her artwork has been reviewed in Art Press, Liberation, Le Figero, Beaux Arts Magazine and books published by MIT Press.

Slavica Ceperkovic is a Visiting Professor of Interactive Media. She holds a BFA in New Media Studies from Toronto Metropolitan University, Diplôme (MFA) in Contemporary Art from Le Fresnoy Studio National Des Arts Contemporains, MDes in Strategic Foresight and Innovation from OCAD University and a PhD in Cinema and Media Studies from York University.