Dual sided interactive installation, 2002

Le Fresnoy, Studio National Des Arts Contemporains

In “Nape” the viewer is confronted with a cross section of the throat of a female giant. The viewer sees a twisted neck, a pale completion, and pink lips that speaks with white breath. Her breath explains that she is cold, and that the space is cold. As viewer passes behind the screen, the air on the nape of her neck are amplified, gently swaying the figure’s hair and moves in relation to where the viewer is in the space. As more viewers gather the movement of the hair blows between the viewers creating a relationship between viewers in the space and to the body of the mythic figure

Developed in MAX MSP /Soft VNS



2003     Culturel Du Mans, France

2002     Panorama, Le Fresnoy Studio National Des Arts Contemporains, Installation

Reviews from Beaux-Arts Magazine, Figero and Art Press