Film Installation, 2003

Installation Produced by Le Fresnoy, Studio National Des Arts Contemporains

Ville Blanche, explores language and its ability to transform an environment. The title comes from the direct translation from Beograd, where the city was named for appearing from the fog on the Danube. The scene takes place in front of the cityscape of Belgrade, a city that has been rebuilt 38 times in its history. A woman invites the viewer to speak, constructing a the gallery into a listening space. Waiting she starts to speak of the meaning of the name Belgrade (white city) and compares it to a puzzle she created. As she speaks, snow begins to fall on her and the city, building and piling until the screen goes to white.


2012    Palais De Tokyo, Nuit Blanche exhibition, Screening
2011    Indie Lisboa, Lisbon Independent Film Festival, Portugal, Screening
2010    Musee d’art Modern de Villeneuve D’Ascq, France. Exhibition with Pierrick Sorin, William Wegman, Paul McCarthy and Marnie Weber
2009   Grand Palais Museum, Paris, France, Installation
2009  FUSO, Anual de Video Arte Internacional de Lisboa, Screening
2009  Maison des Métallos, Paris France, 2009, Installation
2009   “Videos Europa”, Le Fresnoy Studio National Des Arts Contemporains, Installation
2008  Grand Palais, Paris France,Installation
2008   Loop Gallery, Barcelona, Installation
2007   Palais de Beaux Arts de Lille “Territories d’image”, France, Installation
2007  Locust Projects, “Get Lost” Exhibition Program, Miami USA, Screening
2006   Masion Du Geste et de l’image Paris, Screening
2005   Arte, France, Broadcast of short film
2005   Le Cube, Paris France, Screening
2005  Le Cadre du dipositive EROA, Lille France, Installation
2004    Curzon Cinema, London, Screening
2004    Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Screening
2004    Artronica Festival, International Electronic Arts Salon, Bogota Colombia, Screening
2004    Miami Lights Gallery, Miami USA, Installation
2004   Traverse Video Festival, Toulouse, Screening
2003   Mediaschool Festival, Lodz, Poland
2003    Le Fresnoy Studio National Des Arts Contemporains, Lille